My name is Vladimir Ivanov, and I am a senior developer keen on web technologies. I have more than nine years of experience but I still believe the best of my carеer is yet to come.

I have no university degree in IT, but I have practical knowledge working as PHP and JavaScript developer and a real enthusiasm to learn new technologies. My work is the proof that the engineering approach is more mindset than professional degree.

For the past nine years, I have worked with small teams and enterprises. I have been part of the development of one of most visited adult web sites worldwide; the third biggest car shipping company in U.S. Montway Inc; one of the first group shopping websites in Bulgaria deals.bg. My professional background includes valuable experience as freelancer, too.

  • Programming
    9 years of experience in web development with PHP and Javascript programming languages.
    Experience working with various PHP frameworks such as Symfony, Yii and Codeigniter, content management systems (CMS), web services, etc.
    I also write serverside JavaScript such as Node.js and Demandware Script.
  • Databases
    9 years of practical knowledge working with MySQL and 2 year with PostgreSQL.
    Design and support of high traffic database driven web applications.
  • Linux
    Junior level system administrator. LPI certified.
  • Frontend
    I code cross-browser compliant HTML using hottest web technologies – Sass, Less, grunt, backbone.js, jQuery, ExtJs and etc.
  • Version Control
    I work with SVN and Git version control systems.
  • Continuous Integration 
    Expertise in continuous integration with Jenkins build server, Capistrano, Phing and Deployer.
  • SEO 
    On-site and off-site optimization.
    Microdata, sitemaps, RSS-emissions, link building, search engines and web directories submission etc.

To be continued…