About Me

My name is Vladimir Ivanov and this is my digital home ūüôā

I am senior web¬†developer based in Sofia, Bulgaria. I have 10+ years of experience in coding web applications with¬†PHP and JavaScript programming languages.¬†Most¬†industry¬†colleagues like to talk about what they can do for you. Well, I’ll tell you what I can’t!

  • I can’t¬†take your¬†money and disappear. You pay the full cost of the project after it is completed.
  • I can’t work poor quality.
  • I can’t always accept the¬†job. If I am busy with another project or it is¬†outside my field of expertise, I will recommend you a colleague, who can¬†get the job done.
  • I will not¬†keep you in suspense¬†about “when”, “how” and “if” you will see your project completed.
  • I can’t promise you that¬†my work is the cheapest. But I can guarantee you will not give your money away.

I have released many projects both as team player and freelance web developer. Currently, I work exclusively full time at one of the biggest e-commerce companies. I have demonstrated expertise in PHP and PHP frameworks, JavaScript (server and client side), (X)HTML, CSS, RMDBS, version control systems, etc. I have experience working with Salesforce Commerce Cloud, too. No matter how big the project I work on is, I always stick to a few simple rules, which then make my clients smile:

  • Valid (X)HTML and CSS code, well-compliant to latest web standards
  • Compatibility of design with different browsers, including mobile
  • Tidy, reusable and extensible code. Easy to read and maintain. I like the simple solutions that don’t just¬†work but work well.