About Me

My name is Vladimir Ivanov and this is my digital home 🙂

I am senior web developer based in Sofia, Bulgaria. I have 9+ years of experience in coding web applications with PHP and JavaScript programming languages. Most industry colleagues like to talk about what they can do for you. Well, I’ll tell you what I can’t!

  • I can’t take your money and disappear. You pay the full cost of the project after it is completed.
  • I can’t work poor quality.
  • I can’t always accept the job. If I am busy with another project or it is outside my field of expertise, I will recommend you a colleague, who can get the job done.
  • I will not keep you in suspense about “when”, “how” and “if” you will see your project completed.
  • I can’t promise you that my work is the cheapest. But I can guarantee you will not give your money away.

I have released many projects both as team player and freelance web developer. Currently, I work exclusively full time at one of the biggest e-commerce companies. I have demonstrated expertise in PHP and PHP frameworks, JavaScript (server and client side), (X)HTML, CSS, RMDBS, version control systems, etc. I have experience working with Salesforce Commerce Cloud, too. No matter how big the project I work on is, I always stick to a few simple rules, which then make my clients smile:

  • Valid (X)HTML and CSS code, well-compliant to latest web standards
  • Compatibility of design with different browsers, including mobile
  • Tidy, reusable and extensible code. Easy to read and maintain. I like the simple solutions that don’t just work but work well.

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